Nickname: Flipper

Role: Mainsail trimmer

Been part of the Wild Oats program since: 2005

Number of Hobart races: This will be my 18th

What does the mainsail trimmer do?  I’m responsible for trim, the flying shape of mainsail, mast controls, the bend, and the loading compression on the mast. We go through a lot of iterations because we can be carrying several sail configurations at any time. Each requires a separate set-up on the mast, on the hydraulics and on the mast loading. This all has to work in conjunction with the right aerodynamic flying shape of the mainsail for maximum performance. Between the other trimmers and I onboard, we’re controlling the ‘engine’; putting the power on and taking the power off, based on what the helmsman feels.

Being on the start line on Boxing Day: Boxing Day on Sydney Harbour is without a doubt the place to be! It doesn’t get any better. Whether it’s a nice nor-easter, sunny upwind start and then setting the spinnaker and heading south or starting in a southerly, with a spinnaker up, turning the corner and bashing into waves. I think the timing of the start works work well. Everyone loves the high energy of the race start and then they can relax back into watching the cricket.